Sarvodayashree Charitable Society was born in Prayagraj, Uttar Pradesh for social welfare by the grace of Mother Ganga. The organization started its work in the year 2005, whose first campaign was kept to help the poor children. In this direction, the organization took steps from the city to the entire state and then to the capital of the country, Delhi. In the last decade and a half, the organization selflessly worked continuously for the betterment of the society in various fields without any grant and is continuously striving.

Our Mission & Vision
Sarvodaya Shri Charitable Society (SSCS) objective to design an equitable relation of strength, stability, status, and dignity between the “poor and Rich” or “cities and villages”, using under-utilized stuff and assets as a tool to trigger evolution with dignity. We dream up growing as an idea across regions, economies, and countries using urban and villages overplus material as a tool to address basic but neglected issues of the financially and materially poor and un-employed involving them in designing and implementing their own solutions, with their own efforts, experience, knowledge, and dignity, and material or goods as a reward for their participation.

Values & Guiding Principles
Human dignity, peace and happiness are at the main object of our organization, ensuring that our work never undermine the dignity of self, those we work with, and, most importantly, those we stand with. Besides that, we:
1. Value localized solutions by engaging local resources, wisdom, and efforts.
2. See every one as a stakeholder in the process of development.
3. Improve before we Change; always value and explore the potential of what the world already has, focusing on circularity – material, people, relationships, talent or resources.
4. Value association in every sphere to increase effectiveness and scale.
5. Target on the missed-out; people, needs, material, issues, and relationships