Donation For Hunger

Donation for Hunger

it had been published in 2017 by the National Health Survey that approximately 19 crore peoples in the country were helpless to sleep on an empty stomach every day.
Moreover, the most alarming figure revealed is that approximately 4500 children die every day under the age of five years in the india due to appetite and denutrition, amounting to over three lakh deaths every year.

Sarvodaya Shri is working with a Vision that no one in this country should sleep without having food in the night to Attain this objective, organisation is working since 2005 for the benefit of the humanity.

The working member of the organisation use to travel with along with food van in the night and distribute the prepared food among the needy people who sleeps on the street without food.We continuously from last 15 years trying to reach maximum no of such people.